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Teen Fire and Frost The Pit  by asdfghhjkl by TheBadLieutenant

I think this picture is a very nice piece of art. It portrays a very dark tone set by the impending doom of the two semi-dressed ladies...

Hello fellow deviants! This is my first journal, I haven't seen any real reasons to start up until now. My first order of business regards a negative, rather flaming comment that I received. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the person who posted this comment made it impossible to reply and apologize for whatever upset him. In the future, near or distant, it would be nice if anyone who leaves a comment for me to read allows me to reply if necessary so if I need to, I'm not stuck at a dead end. Now, as to why that person left that comment: if anyone thinks my faveing their work is hollow and only to get llama badges and points, know this: I only fave works that I like and find entertaining. If I add a picture to my favorites list, it is because I liked it, not to get points or badges. I don't even focus on those things, there's no fun in it.

Moving on to my other reason for making this journal, and this goes out to all my fellow bronies out there. I have heard rumors that in season 4, Derpy Hooves is going to be cut from the series. That means no more cameos, no seeing her in the background, and definitely never hearing her voice again. I don't know Hasbro's reasons for doing this, and I don't know if we can do anything about it, but I do know we can't let her fade into nonexistence. So, any brony out there who's capable of posting new pics on a regular basis, remember to post images of Derpy on DA, so that everyone will see her, so that she will always be around, even if she does get pulled. I'd help in that cause, but certain situations prevent me from doing so. My thanks go out to those of you who do keep those posts regular.

That's all I have to say for now. If any other matters come up that make me have to speak up and out to the crowd, I will return. Till then, this is stiffbonez keeping the balance. Farewell for now, fellow deviants.


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